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Hello my name is Guilherme

2011-10-31 20:08:06 by Guipdc3

My dream is to create exciting animations but still need help if anyone wants to help I appreciate it, but actually my animations that I wanted to do is madness series has someone who can help me send messages by newgrounds ...


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2011-11-09 18:44:12

Hey, you can look online for some basic madness combat sprites. Or if you can't find any available sprite sheets I could send you some of the ones I use. (because recently I haven't been able to find any sprite sheets online) So just PM me if you need any help making madness movies and I'll see what I can do. mmkay...


Guipdc3 responds:

Thanks man


2011-11-18 06:48:31

sobre sua arte... é.. nada mau, da pro gasto

(Updated ) Guipdc3 responds:

sei mas eu poderia desenhar meus personagens para o madness day 2012